It’s not uncommon for homeowners to need the services of a residential drain cleaning service. Since people use the plumbing in their kitchen, bathrooms and their washrooms on a daily basis, they can have problems that they cannot fix quickly or not at all. Which means, the family may have problems washing dishes, making meals, taking a bath, flushing their toilet and other things that require the most basic home living activities. Some of the more common plumbing problems that many family members can experience are listed below. Kitchen Sinks Clogged According numerous professional plumbing resources, kitchen sink clogs is a common problems that many homeowners report. Since some clogs cannot be unblocked with the regular drain cleaners or a plunger, the owner will need to contact the professionals to take care of these jobs. It is important to note, however, that one rule of thumb that people should always follow is to limit the amount of force used in these situations. Specifically, because too much force can cause permanent damage. Therefore, a professional plumber should always be called if the person experiences this kind of resistance. The role that these plumbers will play is to use the tools and equipment that they have available to them to clear the clog and clean out all of the debris. Toilets stopped up Sometimes people may have severe problems with their toilets because they can be stopped up. One of the most common and difficult to clear is when lots of toilet paper or a large item that should not be flushed gets caught down in the pipes. In these situations, the plumber can use the tools that they have to clear the drain. For instance, professional plumbers may use a power flush to take care of these types of plumbing problems. Showers and Tub Drains Clogged with Hair Some people use their showers all of the time to clean their bodies and wash their hair. Because the hair sheds and falls down the drain, its easy for the drains to be backed up with large clumps of hair that cannot be removed with the regular home cleaning solutions. In some situations, the clogs can be very thick and difficult for the homeowner to clear so they will need to contact a professional plumber. Again, plumbers have the appropriate equipment and solutions to take care of these problems quickly without doing in damage.