Synchrony Bank Sales Slip

Synchrony Bank Sales Slip - B
Payment Processed at Completion

Promotional Offers - See reverse side for additional details - APR refers to Annual Percentage Rate

No Monthly Interest Charges will be assessed if the promotional purchase balance is paid in full within the promo period. If the promo purchase balance is not paid in full by the end of the promo period, interest will be imposed from the date of purchase at the APR inserted immediately above. Fixed monthly payments are required equal to 2.50% of the highest balance applicable to this promo purchase, rounded to the next highest whole dollar, until paid in full.

Buyer(s) Initial: I have reviewed and selected the promotional option that meets my needs.


Sum Part 1

This form is for final payment and cannot be processed until the contract between the Buyer and Merchant has been completed.

Sum Part 2

I acknowledge receipt of a completed copy of this Sales Slip and have reviewed and understand the promotional terms that will apply to this purchase. I authorize the amount shown to be charged to my credit card account shown above and agree that the purchase will be governed by the terms of the Synchrony Bank Credit Card Agreement.

If this was an in-home sales transaction, I acknowledge that I have been provided by the Merchant with both the oral and written notice of my right, as a Buyer, to cancel this transaction (if applicable).

Synchrony Bank assesses a one-time $29 Activation Fee under the Credit Card Agreement at the time the first purchase posts to the account. Any additional surcharges or fees charged by the merchant in connection with applying for or using the Credit Card are prohibited.